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Save up to £300 a year with a new boiler on your heating bills

Old boiler ratingAnnual saving CO2 saving per year
G ( < 70%) £300 1,220kg
F (70–74%) £200 810kg
E (74–78%) £150 610kg
D (78–82%) £105 420kg

Source: Energy Saving Trust. These are estimated figures based on installing a new A-rated condensing boiler and full set of heating controls in a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms.

The Buyer's Guide to Combi Boilers

Guide to Combi BoilersAppliances capable of supplying both space-heating and domestic hot water are known as combination (or "combi") boilers and a growing number of UK home owners are offsetting their inevitable new boiler cost by purchasing this type of boiler. Wise homeowners realise that combi boilers cost less, reduce power bills and use less space than conventional central heating systems and hot water heaters. In fact, over half of the new domestic boilers installed in Britain are now combi boilers because they provide a high-efficiency solution to multiple heating problems that cause these appliances are capable of supplying consistent central heating for your entire home as well as providing piping hot water on demand.

When you compare regular new boiler cost to the continued savings of combi boilers it becomes obvious why this trend is gaining in popularity among thrifty households looking to cut fuel cost. For one thing, combi boilers are much cheaper to install because there is no hot water holding tank generally placed in the roof space, so much less pipe work is required. Another new boiler cost that is circumvented with combi boilers is that it eliminates the need for a water pump to service hot water to fixtures like your shower since it is delivered already heated with the regular water pressure available through your system.

When you're researching new boiler cost, you'll need to consider what kind of fue you use as well as how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in your home. For example, the four bedroom home with two bathrooms would require a combi boiler unit that can produce 30 kW of central heating output while maintaining a domestic hot water flow rate of 17.2 litres per minute. The combi boiler units automatically balance the heat load and flow so that you always have hot water at your command and your central heating temperatures remain constant based on the thermostat setting.

Another way combi boilers justify new boiler cost is their ingenuity in incorporating environmentally friendly processes that greatly reduce Co2 emissions and NOx gases formed by combustion. Older central heating systems and hot water heaters can emit noxious gases as they age and become a practically undetectable health risk.

Save Money with Combi Boiler Central Heating

Central Heating BoilersIf you're building a new home, you can significantly reduce not only your new boiler cost but can add square footage to your overall house plan because a combi boiler requires much less space since it is all in one unit. In addition, many models offer multi-directional flu settings so it is easy to position the unit in the most convenient spot for easy servicing.

Most combi boiler units have high-tech control panels that allow you to not only set the temperature for your central heat and hot water but allow you to monitor the overall pressure. The simple to use control panel contains a "service mode" button to perform regular maintenance like descaling lime and inspecting potential problem areas. Some of the more advanced combi boiler units have energy saving settings that further offset new boiler costs by further lowering fuel cost with features like a "holiday mode button" and even an "eco" setting that employs energy saving modes when usage is low.

You'll also find combi boilers with programmable thermostats that can be individualised for every day of the week which is very cost efficient in second homes and offices that are only used sporadically. The holiday function will suspend the normal heating operations until you are scheduled to return and have everything warmed up and ready to go when you arrive. By adjusting your thermostat to run just 1 degree cooler, you can potentially save up to £55 annually on fuel costs, which quickly offsets the new boiler cost.